From the Desk of the General Secretary (Director) (continued...)
Dr. Debabrata Bhattacharya

Before starting to write about the Institute we will have to remember with reverence those noble hearted personalities whose spirit, endeavour, effort and continuous inspiration have made possible to found this Institute. One of them was Miss Utpala Bhattacharya, our "Bardidi". She was the universal "Bardi" to all, may be young or aged. She was one of the founder members and she guarded and guided us in every sphere of our lives and activities. Renouncing suddenly and untimely all the attachments of this mortal world she left for her Heavenly Abode on December 20, 2005 at the age of fifty-eight years only. We have lost Late Saroj Kr. Banerjee, the Ex-Vice-President of ITC, on December 31, 2005. He was our real friend, philosopher and guide and without his technical help and advice this Institute could not be formed. Finally we must have to remember those two generous souls Late Arun Kr. Basu and Late Santosh Kr. Basu who were the landlords of the Building Premises of the Insttitute. They left for their Heavenly Abode on May 19, 2004 and November 27, 2005 respectively leaving us behind almost as orphans. They were so much interested to the objectives and the activities of the Institute that they provided the premises unhesitatingly. The Institute is really indebted to the generosity of Late Arun Kr. Basu and Late Santosh Kr. Basu. We are feeling their absence among us every now and then. Let the departed souls rest in peace.

The Institute of Social Welfare & Research (ISWR) has been founded in the year 1998 and has been registered and licensed by Govt. of India in the same year on September 15, 1998, under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956.