From the Desk of the General Secretary (Director)
Dr. Debabrata Bhattacharya

Take your stand on good purposes, right means, righteous courage and be brave. When you are born a man, leave indelible mark behind you". This resolute and stirring call of Swami Vivekananda to all of us, is to do something for the society, for the nation, for the country as well as for the Whole world of life. We are the greatest blessings of god on this earth and we are born in this world not to get and to take only from the society and the nation and from others; we have the duties also to give something in return.

In a country like ours, the average standard and quality of life and life style are lagging far way behind the global average. The well income groups (i.e. the haves) who enjoy a better standard of life and life style, have a duty to the society, to the nation to strive hard towards furtherance of human development in all its ramification, towards all-round uplift of the world of life, to give at least in a limited measure against what they have received abundantly.

Keeping all these in view and observing the various nature of crises in the socio-economic structure of the country and many other problems of the society, some persons conceived the dire need for formation and existence of such an institution wherefrom human beings at large can have their many problems solved. The outcome of such contemplation is "Institute of Social Welfare & Research".